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Increasing Access to Sport

Community Development Increasing Access to Sport Project

Increasing Access to Sport

The Increasing Access to Sport project is an initiative of the Latrobe Health Assembly (LHA) and Latrobe Health Innovation Zone, who provided funding to GippSport to undertake this important research project.

Extensive research, data analysis and consultation resulted in the GippSport Community Solutions team have been able to identify a number of barriers which include; time constraints, travel requirements, social and performance-related pressures and participation costs.

The Project has now moved into the solution testing phase, trialing new initiatives to see how the community can partner with stakeholders to hopefully increase participation in sport for 12-18 year old’s in Latrobe City.

Projects include:

  • Second hand sports equipment program with Lifeline, to improving the awareness and availability of, and access to, second-hand sports equipment,
  • A youth girls social soccer program to implement a sporting program co-designed by youth for youth participants,
  • and a ‘positive coaching’ workshop series.

We are now looking to provide important insight and training to local sports clubs to help reengage with young people post COVID19 and to rebuild their clubs which have been impacted so heavily.

Click here to visit the Increasing Access to Sport Project Report

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